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Acknowledgments: Giving Credit Where Credit is Due!

Most of the information presented here at was acquired from my personal knowledge of Interstate 275 in the St. Petersburg area, especially during my younger years as the highway was being constructed through St. Petersburg. Information for the year of constructed was acquired from my field identification of the inscription on the beginning of each overpass bridge.

In addition, information was either supplemented or clarified by other sources, as follows:

Kris Carson, Florida DOT District 7 (Howard Frankland Bridge original opening)

Justin Cozart, (Howard Frankland Bridge original opening and I-275 segment from Bearss Avenue to Interstate 4)

Robert Droz, (supplemental I-275 construction background information)

Also a special thanks to David Kendrick for the Interstate 275 shield as well as the other interstate shields generated at his Shields Up! site, used in previous versions of