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Your resource on Interstate 275 in the Tampa Bay area!

Whether you are a seasoned roadgeek or a casual Internet surfer, or whether you are a Tampa/St. Petersburg area resident or living elsewhere throughout the world, welcome to the website of all things Interstate 275 in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area created by the one and only that brought you EdwardRingwald.com!

Originally a section at EdwardRingwald.com and given its own domain home in 2003, this website is dedicated to the 59 miles of Interstate 275 that runs through the Tampa/St. Petersburg area.  We cover all the exits from Bearss Avenue, Fowler Avenue, Interstate 4 and Dale Mabry Highway in Tampa to 4 St N, Gandy Blvd., 38 Av N, the downtown St. Petersburg feeders of Interstates 375 and 175, 22 Av S, 54 Av S and US 19 in St. Petersburg.  Additionally, we also cover the two major bridges of Interstate 275 in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area, the Howard Frankland Bridge and the Sunshine Skyway Bridge.  As always, we will expand on our content as space permits.


Are you ready to take a virtual ride on Interstate 275 through the Tampa/St. Petersburg area?  Click on one of the pictures and/or links below to begin your journey.  Enjoy!


Check out the Interstate 275 Florida Blog!

The Main Event at Interstate275Florida.com!

Interstate 275 St. Petersburg

Covering from the southern terminus at Interstate 75 in Ellenton to Exit 39 (SR 60), including the Sunshine Skyway and Howard Frankland Bridges - click the picture above or this link to enter!

Interstate 275 Tampa


Covering from Exit 39 (SR 60) to the northern terminus at Interstate 75 including downtown Tampa and the Interstate 275/Interstate 4 "Malfunction Junction" interchange click the picture above or this link to enter!

Interstate275Florida.com Features

The Bridges of Interstate 275

Interstate 275 in Florida crosses two bridges over Tampa Bay:  The Howard Frankland Bridge and the Sunshine Skyway Bridge.  Click here to learn more!

The Interstate 275 Florida Frequently Asked Questions List

Everything you wanted to know about Interstate 275 in Florida but were afraid to ask.  Click here for the list!  (Adobe PDF file; requires Adobe PDF reader to view)

Tampa International Airport Section

Flying into or out of the World's Finest Airport?  Check out our TIA page!  Also check out our tips for travelers flying into TIA page (PDF file)

Links of Interest

Like all websites, Interstate275Florida.com isn't complete without a list of links for your enjoyment.  Take me to the links!

The Ghosts of Interstate 275

Interstate 275 in St. Petersburg has a few ghost ramps, or ramps to nowhere.  Find out here!

The Interstate 275 Florida Blog

The Interstate 275 Florida Blog has arrived!  Click here for more info or click on this link to go straight to the blog!

Interstate 275 Miscellany


Odds and ends related to Interstate 275 in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area.


Interstate 275 Florida Videos

Celebrating the Holidays Safely (PDF file)

Tampa/St. Petersburg Gas Prices

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