The road leading to the World's Finest Airport:
Tampa International Airport

Constructed in 1970 and dubbed the "World's Finest Airport", Tampa International Airport was clearly the forerunner of the airport of the future with a centralized building for parking, ticketing, baggage claim and the shops and restaurants. To get to the gates passengers take a tram called a shuttle that corresponds to the airline the passenger is flying on. 30+ years and many major improvements later the passenger convenience continues.

The interchange on FL 60 and the access road was constructed along with the airport in 1970. In 1976 improvements were made to FL 60 itself as well as Exit 39 on Interstate 275 which provided for an overpass crossing Cypress Street as well as access to Tampa International Airport from St. Petersburg with the construction of a flyover ramp. Access from Interstate 275 northbound to Cypress Street was constructed as well. However, the southbound entrance ramp from Kennedy Boulevard to Interstate 275 had to be closed temporarily to allow for construction of the flyover ramp.

In 2005 a major construction project got underway which will reconfigure the ramps leading to Tampa International Airport which will benefit all Tampa Bay region residents not only access to Tampa International Airport but access to the Veterans Expressway. As a part of the major interchange reconfiguration project access the Cypress Street off ramp from Interstate 275 south was removed permanently in favor of direct ramp access from Tampa International Airport to southbound Interstate 275 for those headed to St. Petersburg or the beaches. The project was completed in 2010 after five years of enduring temporary roads, road closures and detours in getting to Tampa International Airport from Interstate 275 and vice versa.

Today, Tampa International Airport is not just an airport serving the Tampa Bay Region. Tampa International Airport is an essential transportation icon of the Tampa Bay Region and its ease of use is what sets Tampa International Airport above the rest not only throughout the State of Florida but nationwide as well.

Entrance from Interstate 275

Motorists coming from St. Petersburg, the southern Pinellas beaches or from Tampa and points east should use Interstate 275 to Exit 39, which is FL 60. Those coming from St. Petersburg can use the flyover that takes motorists straight to the airport entrance.

Entrance from FL 60 from Clearwater

Motorists coming from Clearwater, the northern Pinellas beaches (including Clearwater Beach) or anywhere in northern Pinellas County should use FL 60 east utilizing the Courtney Campbell Parkway to the airport entrance.

Entrance from the Veterans Expressway and
Suncoast Parkway, FL Toll 589

Motorists coming from New Port Richey and Port Richey in Pasco County as well as Spring Hill and Brooksville in Hernando County and Crystal River, Inverness and Lecanto in Citrus County should utilize the Veterans Expressway/Suncoast Parkway (FL Toll 589) to the airport entrance. FL Toll 589 involves tolls, so a SunPass is a must especially on the Veterans Expressway.

On Tampa International Airport's
Terminal Access Road

This is Tampa International Airport's terminal access road, providing access to short and long term parking as well as passenger pick up and drop off. REMEMBER! Waiting for your passenger in the arrival or departure drives is PROHIBITED and airport parking police will tell you to move on if you are found standing in the arrival or departure drive and you are not actively loading or unloading. Instead, use the cell phone lot located south of the Post Office or park in short term parking - after all, the first hour in short term parking is free.

The Outbound Road to Interstate 275, FL 60 and the Veterans Expressway/Suncoast Parkway,
FL Toll 589

This is the road exiting Tampa International Airport. Please be sure to watch signage depending on your destination. For Interstate 275 south, once you get onto the flyover ramp there is no immediate return to Tampa - should you get on that flyover ramp by mistake you will have to cross the Howard Frankland Bridge and make a legal turnaround at Exit 32, FL 687/4 St N in St. Petersburg. FL Toll 589 involves tolls, so a SunPass is a must especially on the Veterans Expressway.

Inside Tampa International Airport

Here is what Tampa International Airport looks like, especially for incoming travelers arriving by air for the first time as well as those coming in by road to drop off or pick up a passenger, flying out of Tampa International Airport or even if you want to look around - after all, while the airsides are restricted to ticketed passengers only there's a lot to see in the landside terminal building! In fact, as of 2016 the landside terminal building is getting a complete makeover plus access to the monorail that will connect the landside terminal with the economy parking garage and the new rental car center - when it's all said and done, you'll agree that Tampa International Airport is not just the World's Finest Airport, it is the best airport that we will know for years to come along with the convenience you have come to expect.

Links, Disclaimer and Miscellaneous Stuff

In addition to the standard disclaimer applicable to, this page and site is not the official site of Tampa International Airport and is not associated in any way. However, you are welcome to visit their official web site.

For links to individual airlines that service Tampa International Airport, I strongly urge you to visit the Tampa International Airport web site for the latest information. While you are there you can also check flight status, which is helpful if you are leaving on a flight or meeting someone on an arriving flight.

If you are planning on flying anywhere soon, it's a good idea to find out what you are allowed to bring as well as not allowed to bring on board. The Transportation Security Administration has a great website with information not only on what you're allowed to bring but passenger ID requirements and a lot more.

If you are flying in to Tampa International Airport, I prepared a flyer on how to navigate Interstate 275 in the Tampa Bay region as well as the Tampa Bay regional highway network which I believe will be helpful for our arriving visitors. Click on this link to access the flyer (requires Adobe PDF to view)!