Exit 16: Pinellas Point Drive South

Constructed at about the same time the new Sunshine Skyway Bridge was opened in 1987 the tenth and final segment of Interstate 275 through St. Petersburg was built.  The existing right of way for US 19 was used to build this segment requiring little right of way acquisition. The two bridges over Frenchmans Creek - built in 1954 and 1971 back in early US 19 days - were rebuilt and an interchange was constructed at Pinellas Point Drive South. Construction terminated at the northern toll booth entrance to the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, which was eventually relocated south of the first bridge. With this final segment, Interstate 275 was brought through St. Petersburg and connected with the Sunshine Skyway Bridge.

Maximo Park is reached from the Pinellas Point Drive South exit. In addition, businesses and condominiums that line the highway from its early US 19 heydays are accessed from a side frontage road called Skyway Lane South. It is on Skyway Lane South where northbound traffic on Interstate 275 wishing to use Exit 16 must exit onto and proceed north to Pinellas Point Drive South.

Due to the design of the exit as well as its neighbor to the north, Exit 17 (also known as the Pinellas Bayway (FL 682), 54 Av S and 34 St S (US 19)), traffic entering northbound Interstate 275 at Exit 16 cannot exit at Exit 17 - instead, motorists must go on to the next exit, Exit 18 (26 Av S) and backtrack to Exit 17.

Coverage of Interstate 275 as it crosses the Sunshine Skyway Bridge continues on the Sunshine Skyway page.

Interstate 275 Southbound at Exit 16

Interstate 275 Northbound at Exit 16

Perspective of Interstate 275 at Exit 16